Atheism bus advert campaign

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    if its probably
    its agnosticism


    Baby steps…..

    tiki god

    seriously. once you get to “probably” it’s just one small step to “nope, we’re 100% positive there’s no one in control of our lives but ourselves”


    until 100 per cent
    not athiesm

    live with the doubt


    “…there’s no one in control of our lives but ourselves””
    Giving the recent events, this is “funny” as hell.

    Also, liked the ones about flying things, better.


    If you don’t BELIEVE in a deity, you’re an atheist. Gnostisicm is about whether you think you KNOW, you can be an agnostic or gnostic theist, or an agnostic or gnostic atheist (or deist).

    The common usage of ‘agnostic’ means ‘agnostic atheist’, i.e. “I don’t believe in a god, but that doesn’t mean I’m sure one doesn’t exist”.


    I think “probably” was added just to be a little softer on the religious folks… no uncertainty in their heads, just an intent to not appear as anti-god zealots.


    If i remember rightly they had to use probably because in the UK the advertising laws don’t allow you to make definitive statements and unprovable claims for your product or service. That’s why Heineken lager is “probably” the best lager in the world.