This Is The End movie review (and wallpaper!)


After seeing Oblivion, Star Trek, Iron Man 3 and finally ‘Man of Steel’, it’s been a fairly lack luster summer of movies for 2013, all razzle dazzle with little to no real feeling or pizzazz. Thank GOD for for Seth Rogan and his pot friendly friends, because “This Is The End” is finally a movie that didn’t sing a loud song and then fall flat in the presentation.  Superman had me just flat out not caring that an entire city was being demolished, Star Trek shit all over my favorite scifi characters, Oblivion was just 5 repackaged movies starring Tom Cruise, Iron Man 3 felt like a 90’s comic book movie…’This Is The End’ though?  This movie was good.  It was funny, it was visually appealing, it had more guest stars that I would even know how to list out…the summer was saved by this filthy pot film.

It was filthy.  And GOOD.

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