State of Decay

State-of-Decay-Release-Date-and-New-Trailer.jpg (247 KB)

A new game that just got released on Xbox live, so far it seems to be getting pretty good reviews, I can’t wait to try it.

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    Was really impressed by the demo. Some annoying bugs with zombies spawning in walls, but other than that really good. Still waiting for it to come down in price before I buy it though.

    Moddy Cassem

    Game. Of. The. Year. (IMO)

    Monsterous in it’s ambition, the few and slight bugs are worth the STORY! Not the game’s story, YOUR STORY – the stuff you do between story missions is the most interesting bit of the game. Buy it!

    tiki god

    what kind of stuff are you referring to?


    Probably, like, ya know… stuff.


    It’s okay so far. I’ve only played it for about an hour or so. I’m still partial to Day Z, Rising Dead series, so I’m keeping my mind open until I have spent more time with it.