American Communist Manifesto


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    Hey Coonmods, would you rather live in big government Sweden or little government Somalia?


    if you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t make a comparison based on idiocy. somalia is not a representation of what a civilized country would look like with a little government. you pussy faggot freeloaders just want everything to be taken care for you. have some balls and do shit on your own and take care of your own business for once. move out of your mother’s bedroom and become a man. fucking miserable scum.


    must… not… feed… the… troll…


    What you’re talking about is State Capitalism, not Communism. In State Capitalism the government owns everything, in Communism the people own everything.

    Look it up, it`s fun to learn stuff.


    Its Bush’s fault.


    I think this list probably applies to the Vatican, Middle Earth, and my local gym membership.


    Also – I thought the conspiracy wing nuts agreed that Monsanto is an evil multinational corporation, not an evil branch of government… but hey, if they have a nice logo throw it up there with the other “facts”.


    conspiracy wing nuts? are you a fucking idiot? you are more than welcome to eat gmo food if you like, but i’ll take my chances with natural sources. fucking imbecile


    Your posts suck and you suck

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