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They’re all copper pipes……..


I don’t read the top language, but I’d imagine the sign is to be taken as “Starbucks Employees Only” and is intended for filling mop buckets and such.


The characters don’t show up here so I’ll just tell you that the first three are “Starbucks”, second two are “coffee” and last is “for use”. You can reverse wiki it if you doubt me.

Nothing about employees, but I would agree with you about it being for cleaning use. Why would they use water from the toilet when it’d just be easier to have another pipe in the front? Think before you post dumb shit.


wtf, dude?
Xing Bake = Starbucks
KafeiDIAN = Cafe. Note the Dian which is on, what, 80% of all the signs in China?
ZHUANyong = specific/exclusive use. “zhuan” here has the basic meaning of “dominate”.
“Starbucks employees only” is a pretty good idiomatic translation.