TLDR resume

quite-the-resume.JPG (1 MB)

I fucking DARE you to get through all that.

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    Oh dear. She lost at ‘respective’ in error for ‘prospective’.

    Seems like a nice friendly lady, though.


    A fine example of what not to do.

    Moddy Cassem

    “I fucking DARE you to get through all that.”

    I fucking DARE you to meet her for coffee.


    I would.


    Your daring skills are somewhat lacking


    that shit would get tossed the fuck out if i saw it on my desk. go work at a fucking gamestop dumb bitch


    and as the assistant night manager of the 4th busiest burger king in the state, you just wouldn’t put up with this lowlife would you?

    Just Me

    This could be a stroke of genius.
    If she has been told by whomever to get a job now, send out your cv now and she doesn’t want a job, then this is the way to do it.

    Who in the name of fuck would even read that let alone employ the apparent lunatic that sent them that.

    Or, she is bat shit crazy, i which case run, run away fast. She has your address, she sent you this cv already. Oh, don’t bother, she is probably an expert stalker, so you are fucked regardless

    Maxwell Edison

    By strange coincidence, we’ve just had an opening for an adorable narcissist.