The Logic Behind Numbers

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    bullshit, the zero has …atleast 299 angles, maybe more I am not a numberologist


    Nobody writes their nines like that


    Looks like a font from a bad late 70’s science fiction movie.

    No one I know makes numbers like that.


    Anyone that needs to learn numbers aren’t going to even know how to count angles.

    And I agree with rotatebilly, that “9” is bullshit.


    I’m not really certain what this image’s original purpose was but I thought I’d point out that it likely isn’t talking about “angles”. Notice how angle is spelled for 0? Angel. It is there two times. So this leads me to believe this image is some kind of statement. Like maybe there is no god in math or some shit like that.

    Either way there is a retarded person somewhere smiling at himself because he thinks he made such a witty and tricky inside statement.


    That is correct, there are 0 angels.


    I saw this in an email a long time ago. It’s talking about how they came up with the shape for Arabic numbers when they were first being used thousands of years ago.