Hunger Games 2 – spot the error

women_trees_arrows_archery_jennifer_lawrence_katniss_everdeen_the_hunger_games_bow_weapon_3987x_wallpaper_3987x2658_www-wallpaperswa-com.jpg (3 MB)

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    she’s wearing tooo much clothing

    It’s a trickshot. No one knows where the arrow goes.


    the arrow appears to be resting on her wrist and behind her hand. i haven’t fired an arrow in a very long time, but am guessing the arrow should be on the opposite side of the bow.


    actually the arrow is indeed on the correct side of the bow. However, it should be resting on the nock (not visible from this angle) *above* her hand so that no part of her skin touches the arrow.
    However, in this picture, the arrow is not even touching the bow (besides the string), instead, it must be resting between the first and second knuckles. That would hurt just a bit if she let fly…

    In summary: douchebag CGI guy dont know where arrow go…


    I’m no expert, but I think the back of the arrow should be in the middle of the string, too.


    If she’s already drawn the bow, why bother with a CGI arrow?


    There’s a woman who’s NOT in the kitchen?


    How to spot a teenager on the Internet.


    My first thought as well.


    In my mind, this scene unfolds like this: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye shows up and says “No! No, just… no. Here, let me show you how it’s done” and then he ends up accidentally shooting an arrow into Orlando Bloom as Legolas who is standing on a nearby branch, hitting him in the ass and causing him to fall crashing into the bushes, howling elvish insults. Then Hawkeye hands Katniss the bow and runs away.


    The European way to shoot a bow is to place the arrow on the left side, and it rests on the knuckle when there isn’t a nock. The string is drawn with 2-3 fingers, depending on who/when/where. In Asia, they do it differently. They place the arrow on the right side, and it rides on the thumb knuckle. And they draw with the thumb. Makes sense if you think about it. Quicker to load and draw- plus you’re drawing with the one digit with the most muscle mass behind it. I made my own bow in high school. I still… Read more »


    is the error that this is a shot from the first movie and that we’ve already been over the girls crap stance?