Going live from the same parking lot

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    maybe they’re mad at each other…you know women


    maybe they’re just stupid, you know republican.


    This is from CNN, not Fox News.


    You don’t have to work for Fox to be unprofessional –


    I have no idea why they’d risk their tiny shred of credibility doing this sort of obvious crap.

    Oh wait, that’s Nancy Grace… nevermind, there wasn’t any credibility to begin with.


    Full video here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebgcTETSMuw

    Supposedly they were within a hundred feet of each other during the whole segment, but pretending to be in different cities.


    Both Stewart & Colbert tore them a new one soon afterwards…great bits.


    why is this funny or weird. it happens all the time. reporters from several stations will often stand side by side, three, four, five in a row. they’re on the scene. should they be a mile away…


    They’re both from the same station, transmitting live from the same location at the same time, about the same incident, but pretending to be far away from each other.


    oh who cares. is this really important.


    Did you not notice how they are listening intently to their ear pieces like they were on time delay?

    This is kind of excusable when you jump to the weatherman who’s in the same studio but in front of the green screen, but when you’re (according to Stewart) four parking spaces apart, it’s just silly. There was nothing embarrassing about them both being there at the time anyway.


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