Xbox one? more like x-box none!


Xbox Exec: ‘If You’re Backwards Compatible, You’re Really Backwards’ Kotaku

Not sure if this guy was serious or not, but if I’m not able to play the 40+ games that i have for my 360, that’s a real deal breaker for me.

I shudder to think what they’re going to do with that gamer score that I’ve been working on for nearly 10 years 🙁


edited to say:

Remind you of anything?

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    Gamerscore rolls forward tiki, and lack of backwards compatibility is shitty, but it saves on cost. The Xbox One, and PS4 are both based on 64bit architecture whereas the older systems were based on modified cell processors (PowerPC architecture, think ancient Mac). So in order to make these two systems actually work with legacy media they would have to essentially include an Xbox 360 and PS3 on system. Sony’s work around is to stream “your” PS3 titles to the PS4. And have no doubt in your mind that Sony will charge you for this privilege for every single one of… Read more »

    tiki god

    I agree that’s the reason that they’ve given, but I think it’s a shitty shitty reason, considering I can play pretty much any video game for any console on my PC with emulation. Shit, the PS3 even had additional hardware for the longest time that would play ps2 titles, why not do something like that for the xbox1?


    I, for one, am underwhelmed.


    I doubt Sony is going to make you pay for your stuff twice. That seems to go against their past marketing strategy. Free use of the network and access to your stuff, but you pay for the extras. But they tried to make the PS3 completely backwards compatible at first. They just took that part out in later models to drop cost.
    Now, Ex-Box on the other hand makes you pay for everything. THey’ll charge you twice for the same game if they can on top of the DLC they’re going to charge you an arm and a leg for.


    I’m looking forward to the Xbox One, because it should mean quicker porting of games to the PC, the Xbox One is just AMD PC with 8GB of shared ram running a NT Kernel, there is no reason it can’t run a full version of windows. So the Windows version of a Game and the Xbox version are going to be almost the same.

    This should also be true for the PS4 and Lunix users.


    i think its funny that theres a little box on top so its really box 2. ok. not that funny. but a friend of mine told me that you will have to pay for comcast xfinity ( if you dont already have it ) on top of whatever internet provider you already have. fuck that. comcast was voted the second worst cable/internet ( out of 10 ) provider in the country by Time magazine. My parents have comcast and theyre internet sucks. PS4 for me please.

    Moddy Cassem


    Rework and see me.


    “Voted second-worst cable”…was the first-worst Time Warner?


    Sorry to go off topic but… whats up with the shoop?



    nevermind, I see now that the front is beveled.

    Moddy Cassem

    It’s like they’re trying to go all “Galactica” on us.


    that is a bit of a mind f*ck


    PC for the WIN!


    Anybody got info on this “4K TV stuff” ? PS4 stated is supports 4K for things like video, but not games. Xbox said it supports 4K….. but to what extent I do not know. My 50-in panasonic DLP is still kicking after 10 years (damn thing was $3400 brand new back then) and before jumping into any of the much nicer HD displays, maybe I aught to wait for a nice 4K TV? I read about an inexpensive one already on the market (under $2K) , though it’s review sounded like it was inexpensive for a reason. I’ll be required… Read more »

    tiki god

    imagine the jump from vhs to dvd, that’s the difference in size ratio, but with the vhs to dvd move, you’ll receive no new functions and no new “gee wow”, other than a larger picture resolution. Really it’s going only affect those of us that have obscenely large TV. I have a 65″ dlp and it would be nice to see what a 65″ 4k tv would do


    At least that DVD player is backwards compatible.


    Xbox: Go home… you’re drunk.

    I had so much fun watching the reveal; I was watching it on my TV which is hooked to my PC while reading tweets on my phone in which game journalists ripped Microsoft a new one. It was comedy gold.


    Thats one thing Sony did right, you can play all the your old games with a simple download so the system can run them.


    Why do people care so much about backwards compatibility? Were people mad when the n64 couldn’t play SNES games? Ever since the ps2 had the neat idea of also playing ps1 games everyone feels entitled to it. Here’s a hint guys, you bought a bunch of games that you play on system 1, when system 2 comes out maybe you should keep system 1 if you want to continue playing said games.


    Just stumbled across this: