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    And this is why Batman has always been my favourite super hero…he is just a double hard bastard!


    And the Punisher shoots him from 100 yards because bullet beats kung-fu stickman.


    Well if we’re going to cross over to Marvel, I’d take Dr. Strange over Batman any day.


    Complete non-argument. Batman survives as a mere mortal in a world of super-humans through brilliance and training, but also by author collusion. Virtually every time he goes up against a big-bad (or hero in one of those were-both-in-this-issue-thus-we-have-to-fight crossovers), he either has some trick up his sleeve that is utterly ridiculous (i.e. he has come prepared for something even though he has no way of knowing that that specific thing would happen), or he somehow knows the exact weakness to exploit. Batman is badass because the fans (and thus authors) want him to be badass, and they will force “reality”… Read more »


    Iron Man made a his suit out of junk in a cave in the middle east while recovering from a heart attack…..
    Just saying….


    Exactly. Batman invents sophisticated grappling hooks and boomerangs. Tony Stark invents super-hero suits.


    Supes was born super, more or less.
    Bats spent his life training and borrowing the R&D from the company he inherited.

    Stark got caught because he wasn’t a superhero yet.
    He hadn’t spend his whole life training to be a superhero…

    He became a superhero by spending a month captive in a cave recovering from a heart attack inventing and building the tech he needed from junk.

    That is how its done……

    Sin Eater

    Nature versus nurture and a million other arguments. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne and Kal El all were granted *VAST* resources by tricks of fate. Tony Stark came from a fabulously wealthy family and has the economic and educational and time and industrial/technical resources to show for it. Bruce Wayne had the Wayne fortune and the economic and educational and time and industrial/technical resources to show for it. Superman has all things super. Depending which canon you follow, Wolverine was born with a mutation that eventually developed into a vastly accelerated healing rate and some bone claws in his forearms.… Read more »


    Has nobody thought of the consequences for all the *other* heroes in this math problem if the SUN WAS GONE?

    Check mate.