illusion of choice

illusion of choice.jpg

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    I find the ones that demonstrate who controls the media to be much scarier.


    i’m a lot more concerned with where my food comes from than i am about where my entertainment comes from.


    I actually meant the media in the sense of “all the information you are provided with about world events.” A few corporations control all of the news you are subjected to on a daily basis. I think that’s a bit more important than the fact that the same company makes several versions of processed foods that I choose not to eat anyways.


    Fuck that.I just buy generic shit.

    Moddy Cassem

    The Name of Deamons


    The choice is that you don’t have to buy any of that stuff. Really, just don’t buy it if you don’t want it.

    A transaction is a free exchange, in which both parties think they are getting something they want more than what they are giving up.