education matters on tv

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    I don’t know any of them (although I know that Bill G., and other IT guys were dropouts)
    Is that bad ?


    now now…these are things that I guess liberals tell themselves to make them feel better. I dropped out of drafting school and I am only making about 60k a year…my wife dropped out of jr. college to work at Shell’s corp. offices and she is clearing about 65k a year. But since we disagree with that poster and we are making decent money I guess we are the bad people. 😐


    You seem to have posted on the wrong topic, this one doesn’t mention (or even hint at) anything about financial success or whether you are “bad” or not. Perhaps if you were better educated you would not have made this mistake.



    tiki god

    all three of the guys mentioned there are pulling in millions every year. you don’t have to be smart to make money unfortunately, lol


    Jersey Shore people probably made more money than these guys.


    Virtually every single IT guy who’s ever accomplished anything meaningful is a college dropout.

    The reason is that the field of computing changes at the speed of light and the only ones that can truly succeed are the ones who can keep up with it. In other words, those who can learn in a month what everyone else needs 4 years to learn.


    not to be mean ,but none of these are IT people and probably couldn’t even spell IT. these are uneducated bafoons that pass off yelling and emotional manipulation as knowledge deceiving their audience and creating a culture of ignorance that they profit from. but other than that , my shift key seems to stick, can you fix it? 🙂


    That’s not even close to being true. Pretty much the history of modern computing since the 50s is old-school MIT guys, Bell Labs guys for OSs and programming languages (most had doctorates, all had college) (also there were those scandanavian OOP guys with phds to round out the modern programming languages for better or worse), Xerox (mostly phds), and the west coast universities/DoD guys who laid the foundations for the internet. Hardware has advanced quite a bit since ’76, all by hardcore engineers with insane education, Woz being pretty much the only exception (and he did spend years at Berkeley)… Read more »


    Oh, yeah. I forgot Stanford. Dr. Knuth alone probably pushed the field forward 50 years.


    bad no,more like lucky


    Book Smart….Life Dumb.


    Now now…these are things that I guess conservatives tell themselves to make them feel better.




    I do not know how this turned into a set of comments about IT. The subject is TV news.

    I for one feel you get a better report of the news from people who can put it in the historical context.


    I’m confused as to why anyone would get their news from any of the four political commentators who are all paid to voice their opinions, not to deliver the news.


    because they make FINDING the real news damn near impossible, it’s all opinion shows and propaganda


    Education does matter, especially when it tells you that someone is educated in fields that thrive on malevolent public manipulation such as public policy and political science.

    This basically says, these three might be horrible, but Maddow has the documentation to prove she is a horrible person.


    I didnt know it took a degree to tell the truth… Maybe it takes a degree to disguise a lie as the truth and shovel it to people on the fact that just because you have a degree means your special.

    News reporting isn’t a science and at least two of the bottom three usually do a good job of letting you know when they talk about opinion and when they talk about facts (The other guy just doesn’t stop talking… Ill let you decide).


    You’re defending either Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck… seriously? Neither has enough of a grip on reality to be able to tell whether they’re talking facts or opinion.


    If you don’t think it takes a degree to tell the truth you should ask what the hell all those creationists are doing getting fake doctorates from diploma mills.


    Telling the truth doesn’t take a degree. You need the degree to make people believe whatever you are telling them to be the truth. It’s not about what’s real or true, it’s just a matter of credibility – that’s why it’s Dr. Peabody’s Magic Wonder Pills, not Mr. Peabody’s…


    I’ve noticed that a white coat and a clipboard also help.


    As for political commentators: Don’t they just enforce people in the opinions they already have? I mean, usually they are so polimical they just antagonize viewers from the opposite side of the political spectrum, aren’t they?
    I haven’t watched Rachel Maddows yet, but listening to or reading Beck or Limbaugh usually makes me want to bang my head against the wall – I don’t know if they maybe have a relevant point to make, I just don’t get past the angry white noise they produce. Or maybe it’s because I’m not that much into us-american politics.


    Sooooo……….we’re supposed to believe Maddow is better than the others just because she finished college?

    Because she is just as good at lying to promote her agenda.


    There are University disciplines that require actual knowledge and cerebral commitment (eg Sciences, Math, Engineering, Medicine etc) rather than the largely fake knowledge and opinion regurgitation “disciplines” listed with maddow’s name. She is undoubtedly a great example of compliance with “The Narrative” – just not so good with self-awareness and critical thinking. If Rush is such a liar then why in the most litigatious country on the planet has he not been sued into silent poverty? …. ?


    I’m no law expert, but wouldn’t lying be protected under free speech? I understand that lying in court could be illegal, but in most other situations I’d imagine it is not.


    My expertise on The Law relies heavily on having watched Denny Crane. Nonetheless “Slander” is a spoken malicious or false defamatory statement and may be pursued in a court of law with the goal of clearing one’s name and/or securing financial compensation. O course there always exists the possibility that targets of conservatives are above mere lucre.


    “Opinion is a defense [against slander] recognized in nearly every jurisdiction. If the allegedly defamatory assertion is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact” – wikipedia

    I guess this is one of the ways he gets away with it.


    “He lied..”, “He cheated..” etc are positive statements,i.e. allegations and accusations – not opinion. Lawyers should pounce! … if only they could.
    Maybe that’s how gets away with it.


    “Statements made in a good faith and reasonable belief that they were true are generally treated the same as true statements” – wikipedia.


    If I wanted to be somewhere with the possibility of wisdom being imparted I would choose a bar, or a barbershop or the like. Not a gathering of those who have learned to trade attention to self-serving bumph imparted by tenured safe-from-the-marketplace profs in exchange for an alleged guaranteed-employment certificate in something fluffy with no perceptible relevance to the wealth of the nation.


    Goebbels had a Doctorate from Heidelburg University.
    Pretty sure writers for Soviet Pravda weren’t fresh out of high school.

    Sin Eater

    I like the way the deck is stacked…
    You have a moderately attractive female at the top and three really unattractive (either physically or visually or politically) men at the bottom.
    I bet whoever originally created this was in college and studying political science or the like.
    I really admire the propaganda skills on display in this little item.
    Where is Anne Coulter?
    Where is Andrew Breitbart?
    Where is Michael Bloomberg?
    Come on…Let’s compare the fruitcakes vs fruitcakes and hotties vs hotties from both sides so we can *all* get the willies.


    Education does not equal wisdom, judgment or honesty. All four spin events to match their own biases and those of their audiences.

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