doggy tongue blower

doggy tongue blower.gif

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    hope that dog mauls them in their sleep


    naw. dogs love shit like that. i used to do it to my saint bernard all the time, his cheeks would flap all over….lolz i miss that big kid. dogs just totally rock. they just wanna be with you. they dont care where, how or when they just want you. theyre the best.


    watch again, as soon as they let go he tries to bite them. not that another one might like it,but this one appears not to.assuming all dogs would like it is like assuming all girls love anal just because you dated one.

    tiki god

    I believe you’re misinterpreting what the dog is doing afterwards, looks like it’s just shaking it’s mouth to me


    Little dogs are evil. Probably would try to bite you anyways.

    Pinscher owner

    I own the exact same breed of dog and she acts like a muppet.

    Miniature Pinschers are known for being snappy because they are easily excited, super social and love to play.This dog may have tried to bite her (with good reason) but he would not have the ability to do her harm, nor would he even want to.

    PS: I’m going to do this to my little lady as soon as I get home.