happy icecream eater

happy icecream eater.jpg

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    Yeah, ice cream is suprisingly popular throughout the Middle East, even in areas controlled by the Taliban


    doesn’t it melt?
    you know because of the fire….from the suicide bomber?


    How did you connect Taliban to the middle East? you know, them being OUTSIDE the middle East?


    That comment doesn’t even deserve a response:
    Just in case you forgot what the Taliban is or something


    I don’t need no articles explaining what Taliban is. Taliban is an islamic group founded, located and still can be found in Afghanistan and some areas of Pakistan with strong relations to al Qaeda. Their ways of thinking attract lots of people from the middle east, but that does not mean that they come from the area. The photo might be funny in that he is posing in a strange way, but sadly this is not why it was posted.


    “I don’t need no articles explaining” – so you do need some articles explaining?

    Moddy Cassem

    Yeah… yeah… interesting but stupid. Fuck the middle east. Fuck it right in it’s caveman ass.


    “The pink cone is for my boyfriend”


    Which cone has the IED in it?

    Yeah, I went there.


    1) that is not ice cream, it is ice milk. you can tell because instead of being scooped out with an ice-cream scoop, it is “flowed” on through a spigot.

    2) he is not eating the “ice cream”. while he is holding two cones, neither one has been eaten, and it could very well be that he is just the delivery system for other people, who will eat the cones.

    : you are an ass.


    @nobody-knows…..is that .com,.org or what? 🙂


    one for him, one for his goat