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    there is no bible verse about masturbation. If you are referring to “onans sin” in genesis then you are immediately proving a lack of education on the subject. Onan was condemned for not fulfilling his duty of giving his brother a child, not because he stroked his slam-tube. Also, i am guessing the person who made this image has little interest in theology and any sort of scholarly pursuit of anything spiritual. But hey…lets not have a rational discussion about a position nobody genuinely wants to change their stance on.


    So… masturbation doesn’t go hand-in-hand (as it were) with lust? Doesn’t the Bible have something to say about lust?

    There are plenty of Christians that think masturbation is wrong for religious reasons, and what many Christians think it means to be a Christian has very little to do with the Bible.


    I can’t tell whether you were condoning masturbation or condemning it


    I do not do either. I encourage it.


    The buy bull says a lot of things about a lot of things that are totally irrelevant to any thing in reality.

    In other words, the buy bull is BS.


    Translation: I know better than 2000 years of Christianity.


    Don’t most people?


    the world would be much better if they did


    If you change the last panel to “don’t kill people” or “don’t covet your neighbour’s wife”, it’s very nearly as absurd. I think you may have missed the point.


    “Any sort of scholarly pursuit of anything spiritual.”

    The above is an oxymoron. Scholarly and spiritual, just do not mix.


    I was enjoying the picture till you had to stick in your gay %$?! about religion.

    Ruined the nice picture. Can’t turn my head anywhere these days, without getting a healthy dose of politically correct gayness.


    “enjoying” a picture of a guy concerned about you touching yourself, now that sounds gay.