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Hi, I’m an insult to your intelligence! Sure it’s cute when a 2 year old uses me but you’re an adult! Weeeeeee!!!!

Welcome to the end of the last bit of intelligence that existed in this country. Hello to ‘do you want internet with those fries?’ (Psst! just press internet and it will go with the fries).

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    blah blah… choose your poison… 😐


    Wish I could, but every time I use an apple product it assumes to know what I want and chooses my poison for me…..
    And its usually wrong.


    i could say the same thing about google…

    tiki god

    but you’d be wrong.

    example being on iphones, there’s no way to set what program you want to play music when you connect via bluetooth.

    or having the ability to see your files at all really.


    i set what program i want to play when i connect via bluetooth from my iphone 4 all the time… i don’t know what your problem is…

    and i’m sick of google trying to figure out what i’m trying to enter before i enter it, because it’s wrong all the time!

    tiki god

    how do you set that then? cause every time I load up my BT it wants to use the default MUSIC player that comes with iOS. I can find no way to make it always load up pandora

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