man of steel trailer

There’s a new Man of Steel trailer in which Superman looks much less like a SuperHobo (click to view).

Thoughts on this? Will it suck as much as the previous trailers made it seem or will it be as interesting as this trailer seems to indicate? I was happy with Superman Returns, but it’s time to do an original Superman storyline…oh no, wait. Zod is back, nevermind.

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    Superman Returns was mess.
    This looks like it has some potential…




    The last seconds were awesome!

    Luke Magnifico

    It looks surprisingly like a movie that I’m going to want to watch.


    I think they finally got it.


    I’m affraid they are going to turn this into every other summer medicore cgi filled summer action movie. The effects look very similar to the ones in Battleship. The story I hope will be different enough, but I’m sick of seeing origin stories. I would like to see them do a different villain like Metallo, Parasite, Toy Man or go way old school and use Ultra-Humanite. I think having Lex be a background character and the man behind the villian would be better than what they did last movie, or how they will probably use the alien invasion of this… Read more »


    It still looks like Emoman to me.


    All I want to know is, who did that perfectly righteous music in the trailer? Is that original for this flick, or taken from something else?


    I recently learned that normally trailers for movies don’t use the score actually composed for that movie, chiefly because it usually is not done yet. That’s why many movie trailers have music you’ve heard before.

    No idea who made the music in the trailer as I don’t watch any more footage of this movie until I’m sitting in a theatre.


    Yeah, I’ve noticed that for years…sometimes it even breeds disappointment when the music they end up using in the feature turns out to be less awesome. One WTF trailer-music moment I had was when they released the full trailer for Star Wars episode II: Attack of the Clones. Towards the end of it they used a weird, romping, circus-like suite composed for the Ewoks –it was never used in the film, but included on the soundtrack, which I bought. I NEVER expected to hear it again in any context, but there I was, listening to it 19 years later in… Read more »

    tiki god

    meh. it’s ok, but it’s certainly not the original superman theme.

    tiki god

    there’s a few websites out there that are dedicated to trailer music.

    I’m assuming you’re not talking about this song, are you?


    Naw, I found it: Hans Zimmer–

    Sounds like isolating the dialogue left it warbly in parts…suppose I can’t complain. Anyway, thanks –I’ll check out some of those sites.


    Superman, like Spiderman, Batman, and the Hulk, to name a short few, need to be literally remade year after fucking year. I’ll skip it, as there hasn’t been a good Superman movie since like 1982 or so.

    Dyon 86

    Hobo beard haha … hey how does Superman shave?


    He bounces his heat vision off of a mirror. Seriously.

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