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Moddy Cassem

“Oh wow awesome, daddy, you’re home!!! Wait ’till I tell you what I did today! Can you guess?! Can you guess?!! Oh come on guess. Oh… ok. Well when you’re ready to hear about my day then you just come to ME and I’LL tell you *ALL* about it, ok? We can talk about it later, that’s ok. I don’t mind, daddy. Really. It’s ok… We’ll talk later…”


this is your brain on faggot

Moddy Cassem

Why do you think your post is “faggot”? Dude, we don’t think you’re *that* bad…


wtf is wrong with women these days? these fucking dick catchers shits in her lips.. gross. and whats with the 50’s look.. ugly as fuck


betty boop lookin skank