Fallout: New Vegas

beautiful-radioactive-butterfly.png (849 KB)

why_he_mad.png (579 KB)

sit.png (753 KB)

freddy_mercury_wannabe.png (1 MB)

hirsutism_too_much.png (904 KB)

Since my Fallout 3 was “such a hit”, a follow up.
With captions.
1. I’m a beautiful, radioactive, glowing in the dark butterfly.
2. I don’t know why he mad.
3. Bad dog.
4. So close, to being “so close”.
5. Hirsutism – it can happen to you.

If anyone’s interested, those non-standard armors, helmets are from this mod:

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    I love this game even though it has tons of bugs.

    War Horse

    I love both games, though NV a little more for some reason. I’m holding out hope we’ll see FO4 sometime this year, hopefully in time for the holidays.

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