Happy Easter, from Jesus

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    A few more reasons to oppose marriage equality. 1- Allowing people to marry anyone they want is just insane. It’s obvious that a man wanting to marry his sister, his dog, his inflatable doll or his phone is merely evil beyond evil and must never be allowed. If someone’s idea of love is different from my own, it just means they’re crazy. 2- Marriage is and should always be about 2 people and no more. Allowing someone to marry 3 women at the same time will simply destroy the fabric of the universe and we can’t allow that, can we?… Read more »


    1: was already covered. Marriage is a legal contract, three of the things you mentioned cannot agree to a contract.

    4: It’s not inequality of sexual orientation, it’s gender inequality. Men are allowed to marry women, women are NOT allowed to marry women.




    My butthole’s what?


    Once they force the gay marriage thing thru then they will use it to force churches to perform ceremonies the churches disagree with.

    So much for freedom of religion.


    Churhes aren’t forced to perform any straight marriage they don’t want to. Why do you think they’d be forced to perform gay marriages if they were legal? Your church will be able to pick and choose which ceremonies it wants to hold. This is even explicitly stated in all of the current same-sex marriage bills, because the fundamentalists kept spreading lies like yours.


    Freedom of religion gives the right of any citizen to be free of persecution for expressing their religious beliefs.

    It is not there to protect the institutions from social evolution. Which is good, because the bible expressly calls slavery cool (Leviticus 25:44, Ephesians 6:5), calls for the subjugation of women (tons, Ephesians again equates men with god as far as a woman is concerned), and outlaws football and porkchops (traditionally, as when it comes to pigs “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses”)

    Those other stupid things went away. One more won’t hurt.