Workplace brownie-theft scheme

brownie-scheme.jpg (43 KB)

How could this possibly backfire?!!?!?!!??

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    Since the person stealing the brownies saw the tub, with the name of the brownies’ owner, they can report them to HR as the person who knowingly drugged them, then report them to the police. HR and the cops don’t take kindly to anyone drugging someone without their knowledge. Lose job, go to jail. 9 year old daughter motherless, husband, wifeless, or if he’s smart, divorced with full custody. Who wants a wife around their child that would drug another person just because they took some brownies.


    Yes, what that woman did was incredibly stupid, not to mention quite illegal.

    Personally, I’d just put hot sauce in the brownies.


    very powerful laxatives


    Even BETTER.


    Agree with the not smart name on tub thing, but whoever had it coming. Realisticly she just put that up to freak out the brownie thief. I’d say check and mate. Bet that person was scared shit less for a few days. lmao


    OR… the theif goes to HR to fess up that they were spiked and failing a drug test isn’t their fault, thus admitting they’re the theif… meanwhile, the brownies weren’t spiked, and her bluff worked.


    even the threat would get her in big trouble
    and bringing it to hrs attention wouldnt be proof of guilt for that person if she left this for everybody to see
    now the whole office is afraid she might spike food or drink

    bitch = fired


    In trouble for what? Not being gleefull to be the victim of theft?

    At most, she might find herself the subject of more scrutiny for drug testing.

    As for “now the whole office is afraid she might spike food or drink”… so what? Oh no… more people are more apt to leave her food alone… shucks and gee whiz… how will she ever cope with such consequences?