Read it you stupid euros

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    LOWEST common denominator. I guess we know which half the person that made this falls into.


    Let’s count the great people and things in the US, then compare that to how many fat morons and snuggies there are.

    On the other hand: let’s not.


    Is it just me or does both sides of this picture make you think Americans are pricks?


    If you’re suggesting that Colbert is in any way prickish, then yeah –it’s just you.


    Please explain how the Statue of Liberty is prickish (other than it was given to us by the French and we make fun of them a little too much)?


    Well, it’s not just a symbol for liberty, but also how bad USA is at showing gratitude for a very nice present.


    Liberty? Limitations more like.


    lowest? come on, murkins can get way lower than any of this. Take a look at the KKK and the WBC for a start.


    Don’t knock Christians that are better at following the bible than you are.


    Big mistake to put a Marine on the plus side. Americans love their armed forces a bit too much. Other nations have a different experience – My Lai, Abu Ghraib, the whole of Greneda and Panama, Guantanamo….

    America is not the worst country in the world by any means, not the worst offender; but it is a bit like a steamroller in a bakery.


    If it was just Colbert, it would have been enough. Marines and the big French statue? Not a good argument for impressing non-Americans, as seems to be the purpose of this image.

    Also, Captain ‘Murica on the left is awesome.


    colbert alone is enough for me to throw up and say america is a country full of idiots..

    Luke Magnifico

    Colbert’s schtick has gotten old. I can’t even watch him any more.


    Yeah… Like Americans never put labels on other nations….