remembering ragan

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    Ah yes.. the real Reagan that the Neocons conveniently forget about…

    Let’s not forget the Astrologers in the White House, or rumors that Reagan was so senile at the end that his wife was secretly running the Country.


    So, essentially, Reagan is for the right what Castro and Hugo Chavez is for the left? (i.e., an incompetent idiot who embodies everything that’s wrong with politicians and politics, but who was such a charming speaker and said exactly what his audience wanted to hear, so the idiots on his side of the political spectrum think he was a wonderful man and great president.)


    I can erase the speech bubbles and document the hypocrisy of each of the presidents since Reagan. And most speakers of the House. Really, most anyone from your local city council would likely fit, if you know your town well enough.

    Such editorial comics are lazy and shallow. Because politicians are politicians and are talking out both sides of their mouths with each empty word.