black jesus

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    My savior is brown and wears a burka!


    theyre all fiction no matter what color you choose.

    Gold Disease

    The hair in that picture is red. King David, an ancestor of the Christ, is also known for having red hair, based on the description of his physical appearance as “admoni”, the Biblical Hebrew word normally interpreted to mean ‘ruddy’ and/or ‘red-haired’ (1 Samuel 16-17).

    Also, blue-eyed Israeli.


    Yeah, but there’s – what – 1000 years between David and Jesus?

    Let’s not pretend we don’t know the reason Jesus is not Taliban-looking in the right picture.

    Gold Disease

    I’m simply stating that when you start throwing around certainties without evidence, what makes you different than the “wrong” parties? Logic and reason over faith, maybe, but always with accountability and substantiation.


    David was part Moabite. Also, lots of Mongolians and Northern Chinese have slightly-red hair. They still don’t look like white-ass crackers.


    the bible is fiction


    There are those that argue that being fathered by the Holy Spirit, that Jesus was not a hebrew but of no ethnic background. He was the child of God, not the son of Joseph the tradesman.


    “no ethnic background” = white???

    White dudes would have been (and still are) an ethnic minority in Jerusalem.


    The actually theological argument real theologians make is that he was fully human (through Mary) and fully divine (through the Holy Spirit). Never heard a fucking creedo, man? The only significant modern Christian churches that don’t accept this are the Copts and Ethiopian Orthodox. So he would be genetically and ethnically (by traditional matrimonial descent) 100% Jewish of the tribe of Judah. Also, remind me again, what is the skin colour of the holy spirit? I mean, the holy spirit is only mentioned in passing in the bible without explanation but apparently if you read between the lines the message… Read more »


    Christian mathematics always baffled me.


    What da fuck up, ma nigga Jesus?

    Matt S.

    Hey you fucking racists!! Who gives a fuck what color he was? Grow up


    The first christian imagery of christ was based on apollo when they were establishing the first churches as before then only iconography used underground existed like the fish.
    Christ preached love so apollos effeet blondey virtues was used, possibly just recycled statues, zeus was used for an all powerful god later. mother mary was isis and horus. hippy jesus came much later, created to suit requirements as ever.