I’m building a trivia site, and looking for some people to add some trivia,  comment here if you’re interested.


not exactly a troll for those of you calling it, I’ve had it for years now and never done anything with it.  What I’ll do is create a google form for random people to add trivia to, give you the view permissions on the result spreadsheet with a nice summary page, and then we can hammer out like 20,000 questions or some shit.  I need a quick/easy way to add trivia to a spreadsheet myself, cause with the amount of TV I’m watching, I should be able to add like 20-50 questions a night myself just from Star Trek / Buffy / Firefly / BSG / porn.

Super edit:

Here’s the form to submit trivia to.

and here’s the results, where I’ve already seeded it with a few questions.

I’ll make it much cleaner soon, maybe even embed the stupid thing into a page on mcs and on trivia tiki. Oh, and convert all the questions that are already on the site to this spreadsheet to be later imported into the awesome new site that’s going to come out. maybe.

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    I’m full of useless information. Maybe I can be of help? What would you need?

    i am game


    Bad idea. Internet negates the advantage of anyone having trivial knowledge.


    ya might be chumming the waters of troll cove


    I could help out… i am chocked full of usless knowledge


    I have obscure pop culture knowledge.


    Surf reddit. Copy TIL.

    Luke Magnifico

    Does it have to be fun? A lot of the useless information I know is not fun, like the difference between a Phillips screw and a Frearson screw, no one knows that because it is a completely uninteresting and useless piece of information.


    I’ve never realized that slight variation went by a different name. You have educated me good sir.