Stupid Bitch

Dumb-Bitch.gif (499 KB)

Let’s make things worse for ourselves, she gets extra fine or jail time.
Oh wait, stupid cop. Everyone knows you do not strike someone already in restraints.

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    Hit a police is a crime, it’s the law. I would use the pepper spray also lol


    so is hitting civilians , buttmunch, he learned the hard way


    Go fuck urself anarchist idiot.


    Anarchist? Lol.
    Are you the cop who did this?


    Do you know what the woman have done? maybe she’s a killer. Are you the woman?


    Oh no, she struck me with a tiny unshod foot and called me a cocksucker. She could have shattered my fibula and she definitely hurt my feelings. I’m an officer of the law. I’ll teach her a lesson.


    you know. police brutality is a strange bird. sure, you shouldnt hit a girl, sure you shouldnt hit someone handcuffed, sure you should be able to ignore insults and not resort to violence, but, somehow, through some strange unknown cosmic force, i have never been arrested or handcuffed, and guess what? a cop has never hit me. how have i managed to avoid these wild rebel cops who should be thrown off the force for good? idk. maybe im magic? my point is, the jails and prisons and squad cars and precincts are packed with “innocent people”, and yet somehow,… Read more »


    Well put. For people that are having trouble working out how to do that, I’d suggest careful study of


    Let me tell you a magical story of my dangerous criminal career of danger: one entire jaywalking ticket. Now, funny thing. There is a guy in Canada that has the same name as me. He lives in a different province, many miles away, and is about ten years older. And one day he skipped parole and was never heard of again. So anyway I got a jaywalking ticket and I gave the officer my ID and tried to be polite (he caught me jaywalking fair and square). The cops checked me out on their little coputer and then told me… Read more »


    Reminds me of a friend of mine who’s dad has an identical twin that’s a pedophile and convinced sex offender. Every time he goes missing, guess who comes looking, taking finger prints?


    It’s Bush’s fault.

    fracked again

    No, clearly Obama is responsible.


    Some people just need to be kicked in the face, it was just her turn.


    They’re both morons, but the cop is the bigger one (and he should be charged).

    Bubba Chili

    She deserved it. Don’t kick an officer. She should know better. I think of Super Bad when the kid spits on the cop and gets a nightstick to the face. Funny! Common sense people. I agree the officer should get a time out, but really, that lady is just dumb.