Just the facts,please.

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    lol…watch that stuff…can’t have the truth floating around…someone might get butthurt…


    And that’s why I can’t take seriously anyone who owns anything with this fucker’s face plastered on it.


    Soooooooo many people have gotten me tee-shirts with this dudes face on. It does my fucking head in. People just see my long hair and think “Ah he’s a hippy…I know what he would love…”

    Yes, I would love the face of a militant prick on my chest. It agrees so perfectly with my tree hugging ways.


    You idiots, that’s the guy from rage against the machine


    ^ do I need to put an irony mark in there? ^


    No it’s not, it’s Citizen Smith.



    For all we know, these bastards thumbed down your parrot picture.


    well…I do have an irrational hatred towards birds…


    The “black is indolent” line was taken out of context by Glenn Beck for his “documentary” … what is the truth? That quote was written by Che when he was 24 and encountered blacks for the first time in a Venezuelan slum during his Motorcycle trip around South America. *** The full context of this statement is addressed by biographer Jon Lee Anderson on page 92 of “Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life.” However, months later he announced himself a transformed man and even denounced the racism he encountered while living in Miami for a month. The quote was from 1952,… Read more »


    So what about the music, books and gays?


    Oh, that shit’s still all on the chopping block. Fuck that shit…


    So, he was a murderous commie bastard but he was no longer racist, that’s swell. No wonder so many on the left proudly displace his mug.


    The gay thing was true. Regarding the music, he suggested banning rock & roll and jazz as it was thought to be a corrupting imperial influence. I honestly don’t know about the books though.

    Strangely enough, all of the things that he is accused off were happening in the United States of America at the same time he was alive. Pot, I would like you to meet kettle.


    “all of the things that he is accused off were happening in the United States of America at the same time”

    Cute, but do you remember any of those responsible for that in the US ending up on T-shirts today and held as wholesome demi-gods by anyone? I didn’t think so.

    And by the way, Hugo Chavez died today. Finally his own body said “enough is enough, this asshole needs to die” and decided to kill him. Of course, in 40 years bird-brained US hippies will wear Hugo t-shirts claiming he was a saint.


    you mean that’s not jim morrison?


    Yeah I think I’m done here. MCS can enjoy its Ayn Rand and Glenn Beck