gun control for dummies

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    But, but but thats not taking into account what the Vice President told us. He told us to get and use a double barreled shotgun!


    works in just about every other country


    Yeah, you’d be amazed how incredibly useful gun control has proven to be on countries with 0% population of blacks and muslims like Japan.


    Here comes the racism… Is it my turn next? Um… Ermm… Those darn White people…. Did I win yet?


    In Finland they’ve more than double homicides per capita than Italy (my country).
    And we’ve more criminals by far.
    Guess why…


    italians are bad shots?


    What about the UK? Or denmark?


    See this bullshit would never happen if people went on Punching sprees instead of shooting.


    Is the suggestion that we just wander around with shotguns? Or am I being to literal minded…


    Except that nobody has proposed regulating over-and-under shotguns, so the “before” and “after” cartoons should be the same.


    Colorado legislature has proposed legislation that would ban the most popular shotgun hunting in the State.

    why is a white guy labeled as a criminal?
    is this some obama shit?


    cause they found your mugshot

    Mike D

    I’d just be happy to have it harder for crazy people to have a hard time getting assault weapons to attack schools and theaters. Yeah maybe your local drug cartel will still get their AK47s and all you will have is a shot gun but, dang, that is a risk I run every day.
    From now on only muzzle loading rifles and crossbows for you. (Sorry that it is a joke not a serious proposal for gun control. I would allow catapults too.)


    “I’d just be happy to have it harder for crazy people to have a hard time getting assault weapons…” What you just said is that you would like it to be easier for crazy people to get assault weapons for shooting shit up. Think about it.



    Yea so? Perhaps his native language isn’t English, which means the grammar can’t always be right. And if it is, then cut him a break. No one is perfect. You know what he means anyway.


    You are much less likely to die in a “situation” where one gun is involved than a “situation” with two guns.
    Whether you’re the one with the gun or not….


    think of the chilrens!!!!

    Guns are DaNgErOuS!!!!. So DaNgErOuS that only the popo and the gubmint can have them. Cause we know the popo have super powers and shit.
    And the gubmint gives me my check every month so they MUST have dey guns.
    Cause citizens are not ELEEEEEEEET enough to know how to use an AR…They gots to use a shotty.
    I am trying to think like a Democrat.
    (Accent copied from a white crackhead I lived nearby in the past so don’t try to give me any racist shit)


    Your posting is not racist… just dumb.


    and you are even less likely to die when no guns are involved:)


    are you sure, down here we had teenagers rob a chinese delivery driver after beating him to death with a brick


    Someone always kills someone somehow. But let’s imagine. If you were walking down the street at night, someone walks towards you, he raises a gun and you raise your own, someone is bound to get shot and possibly die. Now for the second scenario, someone walks towards you and ask for your money while raising a gun, you give him 50 dollars and he walks away, or in the small chance he shoots you and kills you. Or the third scenario, someone walks towards and says he will beat the shit out of you don’t give him money. You say… Read more »


    i would suggest you open your eyes, check out liveleak and see how many videos there are of people getting shot in robberies for no reason, your logic is flawed, many of these retards are on power trips and are completely unpredictable,,,,, these all tried what you said and they got shot anyway, where’s your logic now?


    Blah blah blah odds. My little girl WILL NOT be raped by some drunken asshole without her being able to say no with 9mm. First scenario: I am a better shot and I carry heavy. Goblin goes down. I might take a bullet but humans can be hard to kill. Criminals are negligent with their training just like they are negligent at everything else. Second Scenario: Fuck that. They won’t take 50 bucks. They will take your wallet, your cellphone, your keys and all of your valuables. All of your ID, all of your means of GETTING HOME. Goblin can… Read more »


    Oh for fuck’s sake…

    NO ONE IS COMING TO TAKE ALL YOUR GUNS AWAY. For one thing, it’s a completely unworkable solution.

    Why are you gun freaks so scared of a few tests to determine gun ownership? Do you have reason to believe you’d fail those tests?


    Oh for fuck’s sake… I have passed a background check for TWIC. I have passed a background check for NICS (much). I have passed a background check to work in a casino. I have passed a background check to work at at prison. I have passed a background check to administer several city police department computer networks. Please quit lying. Period. The current leaders of the Brady Campaign and Diane Feinstein have been recorded in interviews on nationwide television saying they want to ban all firearms. They also wish for confiscation. Their words, during live interviews. Youtube has video. Here… Read more »


    Reading your comment is how my braincells die.