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    yep…cuz they won’t have the USA to come over to and do their treatment. 😐

    I have a close friend that had breast cancer that lived in canada. the specialist TOLD HER to come to the US to get it done before they change over to the govt. managed health care like theirs.


    I know a number of people who had a growth or something they thought might be cancerous. Canadian doctors said they will have to keep an eye on it, come back next year. They get a second opinion stateside, malignant cancer.


    Ha! Next week, good one. More like in six months, if you’re lucky.



    I get a downvote for recanting a story from a friend in canada? Or for me saying the derogatory thing about our imminent healthcare fuck-up?


    And a downcheck for whining about it.


    Be glad that there isn’t a “send to gulag for being a dissident”-button.


    Only people without national healthcare actually want it. Canada and the UK are fucked because of it.


    Oh oh obviously fake Canada health care stories let me try: I had a friend who has a cousin who has a friend whose aunt is Canadian, and when she got easily-treatable cancer that would have taken $10 dollars to cure in the US, they chained her to the side of a prison train and took her to in front of the Death Board in Ottawa. The wise council of elders determined that she was too old to receive treatment even if she was willing to pay herself. Then they set her afloat on loose sheet of ice and she… Read more »


    i think that story might have been photoshopped


    More like: You have cancer. If you hadn’t had to wait six months for the initial consultation. Six more months for the tests and another six months for the diagnosis we may have been able to help you, eh? How ’bout those ‘Leafs?

    Mike V

    American stories about the Canadian Health Care System. Cute. Of course, the VAST majority of Americans get it far, far worse. We get to see doctors without forking out hundreds just for the privilege of sitting in a waiting room (for routine checkups, which can catch illness early, never mind when you need medical attention badly). Long waiting periods? Try never going to the doctor in the first place because you can’t fucking afford it. And then there’s the affordable prescriptions which we get, and the US is dying to import (but can’t because US based Pharmaceutical companies whine about… Read more »




    Actually, if he was prescribed Erbitux, he couldn’t even get it in Canada even though it’s covered under jusst about every US healthcare plan. In Canada it’s an “unproven” treatment.


    Setting aside the fact that Erbitux can be obtained in Canada (not sure if you are lying or just misinformed), that’s your comeback? The availability of this one specific drug? I’m amused that you think this (if it were true) would make up for all the generic, cheap, affordable drugs we have up here — life-saving drugs which people can obtain without going into bankruptcy, unlike in the US. And to address (again) the point which you missed: Walter White needed to cook meth to get money for treatment. It amazes me that Americans so sheepishly accept a notion that… Read more »


    I find a disturbing lack of Maple syrup in this post… Canada or GTFO


    Another fake Canadian Health Care post. The waiting lists here in Canada are longer than ever and people are dying.

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