Recent Comments on Author pages returns!

I’ve added the bio and the 5 most recent comments to your author pages. If you’re not registered, your comments are in the wind and have no home. If you ARE registered, you can add text to your bio and others can see the last 5 comments you’ve made on the site.

I’m on a roll tonight, what else do we need around here?

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    We need bleeps and bloops when we click on buttons.

    Make it so.


    Well, what do you need from us?


    You need to find a way to encourage people to submit original content.


    For the NeSFW content, you could try the ‘show right here’ that you used to have for NSFW content.



    Was just about to suggest this as well. Also, perhaps a registered user option “I don’t really work, just show them always” 😀

    …you know what I want…did you do it?


    Ok, I’ll stop bitching about NeSFW if you do that Tiki. Since it’s a compromise.. and I’m all about getting my way. (At least a little)

    Luke Magnifico

    Reskin everything so the whole site’s in anaglyphic 3D.