Noodles In The Sand

Noodles In The Sand.jpg

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    I was touched by his noodly appendage.
    Of course I was a consenting adult at the time…


    Parody religions ranked: 1) Discordianism: Weird and disturbing enough to actually work as a real religion. Played with a straight face, and also the dude was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald. Perfectly captured the creepy mindlessness of relgion. Type ddate if you run linux. A++ 2) Church of the Sub-genius: A little more light-hearted, more of an obvious parody. But great imagery and an endless source of *varied* lulz. A- 3) Spaghetti Monster – What the fuck is this crap? The world didn’t need another parody religion: there were already plenty of good ones. One obvious dead-horse joke, beaten deeper… Read more »


    Saying theres too many parodies is like saying there’s too much art or too many jokes.


    I think Caio misses the point in his little fit of pique.
    The who point of FSM is the absurdity of belief.
    “Not clever”, and “crap”, is kinda what they were going for.
    Which is why it works so well.


    Caio just hates noodles.