more guns will solve the problem

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    This shit is really starting to wear thin


    And yeah, It is getting old.


    The words “privately owned” slipped into there as if they weren’t a big deal set off my bullshit alarm for this entire piece.


    “Privately Owned” was NOT “slipped into there”, it makes a simple statement of Fact. If you live in the Barracks or Housing ON Base and own a Firearm (or Firearms), when you bring it (them) onto Base, you have to report in at the Gate that you have a Firearm. Then you wait for Security to show up to verify it (them) unloaded and then escort you (directly) to the Armory, where you will then Check it in, all under the watchful eye of Armed Security. To take it back off Base, you report to the Armory, wait for Security,… Read more »


    Wildman is completely correct.

    Check my submissions to find my credibility on this issue.

    Alot of soldiers were killed for no fucking reason because the FBI was scared to go after a Muslim in the Army, and because no one was allowed to carry a firearm, they were helpless.

    The FBI agents tracking him should have been charged as accessories to the murders.

    He should have been charged with treason, and hung from a low hanging tree.


    Derp, way to expand on a completely irrellevant and undisputed point. Do you think that anyone was under the impression that the military were all running around with privately owned weapons, and that there were no non-privately owned weapons around?

    Learn how to use capital letters, it’s really freaking simple.


    You’re saying that if he didn’t have access to a gun, all those people would still be alive….?


    No…they are saying that if all those well trained individuals had been allowed to be armed they could have stopped him themselves instead of having to wait for the armed individuals to arrive and stop him. This also shows that individuals well trained in hand to hand combat have little to no chance against an armed attacker.


    So the argument is for the army to change their policy and allow soldiers to arm themselves on the base then, right? You should write your congressman.


    I’ve visited US military bases in the UK while on business, and I saw plenty of people who were armed. Why wouldn’t that be the case on a military base on the US mainland?


    Apparently it depends on the country. On German military bases, guns are under lock unless they are actively used in an exercise.


    sure we carried around firearms ALL THE TIME….and even in Germany we did…(of course this was about 20 years ago for me)

    one small, tiny detail however….

    we didn’t have any ammo…it was stored in the ammo bunker.

    SO…we had firearms yep…but at the most we could possibly scare someone or at the most throw them at the baddies. 😐


    According to common logic, simply having a visible firearm scares away all the baddies 😉
    Also, I’m pretty sure the guards at the gates of army bases are armed, or aren’t they?


    Only time regular troops have ammo is when we are in a combat zone or at the range for qualification. Now MPs have ammo…but they are cops in camo.


    Depends on the base, and depends on the status of forces agreement in the country.

    And even if armed, depending on the SOFA, they might not be allowed to shoot under ANY circumstances (stupid).


    The other part is: He was a doctor. Those he shot were in line at sick call. No one paid him any undue attention because he was where he was supposed to be.


    He was a Psychologist.

    He was not a Medical Doctor.


    Perfect example as to why he is a criminal. He didn’t follow the rules and laws.


    If the pro gun people are as bad as the anti gun nuts say they are, there wouldn’t be any anti gun nuts left