Full ggun registration – Adolph Hitler, 1935

Full ggun registration - Adolph Hitler, 1935.jpg


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    Hitler was also a Catholic, so that obviously must be banned because anything he supported is obviously bad, and still totally relevant over 75 years later.

    What’s next, finding some obscure passage in the bible that says you have the right to arm yourself?
    How about something by Nostradamus predicting the end of your freedom if you give up your guns?


    1. The Internet says that that quote is fake.
    2. I doubt that Hitler would believe in Jewish-ish god, and with all that Thule shit, I doubt he believed in any standard “god”.


    Oops, wrong.
    Not only was our dear ol’ Adolf a Christian/Catholic. He made first steps towards seminary to becoming a priest before dropping out. The Nazi Swastika was based on a symbol over the door post he saw while attending seminary.

    Like most Catholics (ignorant as it may seem to us today) the Jews were taught as those that “rejected the Christ”. A teaching hijacked from Christian catacism and adopted then instilled into the National Socialist (Nazi) “doctrine”. In their minds Christianity had little to do with Judaism or a “Jewish God”. In fact, the motto of National Socialism was “Gott Mit Uns” (God is with us).

    “I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Creator. By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work.” — Adolf Hitler

    “Men never do evil so my feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter.” — Adolf Hitler (My New Order)

    “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith… we need believing people.” — Adolf Hitler

    … doubt all you want dear friend. But history’s evidence proves otherwise. Adolf believed in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.


    I’m not gonna start getting mired in this whole blather about Hitler’s views on religion and christianity and especially how christian the Third Reich turned out to be. I’ve already lost enough of my precious lifetime on that.
    BUT: “Gott mit uns” was the motto of National Socialism? Where the heck did you get that outrageous hogwash?!


    And by blather I didn’t mean what you said but the discussion as a whole in it’s pointlessness.


    Gott mit uns was a slogan of the German army historically, and was emblazoned on uniforms up to and including the Nazi era.
    It was there before Hitler, but he continued the tradition.

    Got mittens?


    Right, it was emblazoned on the belt buckles of the Wehrmacht and of the german army before that. It was even used by the Bundeswehr and the german police force AFTER 1945. But that doesn’t make it the motto of national socialism as a whole.


    1. Swastika is older than Christianity.
    2. That: “Gott mit uns” is a leftover from, the “good old days” of “Holy Roman Empire of German Nation”.
    It was as biding for Hitler then, as the: “So help me God” is in oaths today.
    3. Quoting “Mein Kampf” as a “solid proof” of Hitlers whatever
    4. Saying != believing.


    Regarding #4: How do you suggest we find out what he *truly* believed, then, if we can’t take his word for it?


    Usually you’d look at private correspondence and (reliable) accounts of what he said in private. Talks with people whose money and votes he needed will consist of what these people want to hear. He was a politician and even though he established a dictatorship, to a certain extent he still needed public support – and up to 1934 he needed public support first to be voted and then not to be kicked out of office again by the president (who was at that time still able to do that).

    Is it a philosophical question to ask if Hitler was able and willing to lie to the populace and the readers of his extremely badly written manifesto?


    Yeah, Hitler was well known because of the high levels of street crime and the inefficiency of the German police force at the time.


    The truth is that Hitler was a very good leader in the beginning. He was elected by the people was was actually not a bad choice. He turned batshit crazy later, but the truth is that he was a popular and effective leader in the beginning (the quote is from 1935… if I remember correctly Hitler was still fairly normal at this time). In 1935 his ideas for gun control were not evil, but a good response to the violence of this period in Germany.

    Gun control isn’t a bad idea. It should be considered.


    People like this guy, scare the shit out of me. Not a bad choice. He fucking killed his own supporters:

    The “violence of this period in Germany” was caused by Hilter and his “buddies”.

    Gun control isn’t a bad idea. One but: but it need to be effective and affect everyone.


    I came here to chew bubblegum and to kick ass. And we’re all out of both.


    I know what you mean dear. This may be a bit above your head… may I suggest waltdisney.com. That may be more your speed. (bubblegum included)


    i don’t think hitler said something like this, ever. at that time they had other problems than safe streets or efficient police.
    + i want to see that quote in german!


    Es existiert nicht. (It doesn’t exist)

    I’ve seen it used elsewhere and some wiser than myself claim it to be false or completely out of context.


    I’m pretty sure Australia is a civilized nation and has full gun registration. And Australians haven’t managed to slip into either anarchy nor have become a police state.

    I’d suggest that America follows that lead, but it would prove impossible. So we wait around for the next mass murder.


    Australia , you mean the place that doesn’t allow black people to immigrate there? the place where they have almost half the indigenous population is incarcerated ? the place with only 20 odd million vs 300 million? which cities in australia are populated by a minority majority? not to mention in australia you can simply pick up whatever venomous creature happens to be near by and use that as a weapon. everyplace has its problems and issues.


    I heard somewhere that USA is going from lots of people all owning guns to fewer people owning several guns each.

    Can anyone confirm that?


    which of us do you see lining up to hand over guns?


    Hitler LOOSENED the Weimar Republic’s restrictive gun laws.


    Partly. The gun laws in nazi germany were made to disarm jews and people opposed to the regime, while party organizations were armed by the government and “trustworthy” civilians could easily obtain weapons and ammunition.
    Oh, and the proclaimed reason was to enable the german people to defend itself. Sound familiar?

    Also, this:


    And because I am stupid, I copied the wrong link. I meant this one:


    Yeah, just like in Japan and Australia!… oh wait, no.


    You ARE aware that just about every country in the top ten of murders per capita has strict gun control laws, right?

    And comparing Japan and Australia with US is laughable. There are only like 3 black guys living in all of Japan. And the blacks in Australia still think bows and arrows are technological marvels created by the white devil.


    Complete bullshit. Zambia snd El Salvador have strict gun control? ROFLMAO! In El Salvador kids sell guns in the streets to buy video games.
    Next time try looking stuff up instead of cribbing off the NRA propaganda machine. Seriously, posting stuff like this just makes you look stupid


    do you think its legal in either of those countries? in el salvador it says that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register, are you saying that’s not happening? even if it’s illegal? what will we do? you’re the one looking stupid proving his point , the places with the most gun control legislation are either the most violent or ran by a totalitarian regime. pay attention.




    I believe Hitler made the trains run on time as well.
    Obviously then, anyone in favor of punctual public transit must be a NAZI.

    Comander Taco

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Amtrack!!!


    That was Mussolini. So, anyone in favour of punctual public transit is a fat Italian.


    That was Mussolini, so you wouldn’t be a Nazi but a fat, bald Italian.


    I stand corrected.


    That was Mussolini that made the trains run on time. (Hitler might have as well, but that’s nor who that quote was about.)

    Mike D

    This quote is phoney. Hitler never said it. So please come up with a real argument against gun registration or zip it. Every time I look into the facts behind these posts they turn up to be fictious or mis readings of the legislation o just lies. Forget the attempts to debate public policy, just post busty women with machine guns and be done with it.


    gun registration? what will that fix? as I recall all the weapons in the shootings of late have been legal weapons , registered where required. if you let crazy get a gun then its on you. people are just upset there’s no one left to punish.


    HITLER NEVER SAID THIS! Submitter lies out of it’s slimy ass.

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