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Stick to the jokes and chicks please Tiki….
I really don’t care how afraid of teh gay you are.


I said what what in the butt


This is just an amazing over the top joke or a collection of some of the most ignorant thoughts put on paper.



Not a joke.

That being said, I love seeing it when it gets posted. Wee need to see this shit because we need to see how far we’ve come as a society. Similarly, I wish Disney would open up its vaults and release all the really racist shit they put out back in the day, and go “We would never condone this now, so look at this cultural archive of the huge, ignorant blunders of our forebears”.


Heterosapiens FTW ! 😀


What I love is how they say that homosexuals are all weak, pathetic losers all dying of STDs and in the next breath tell you the gays are going to take over the country and force all the big, strong straight men to be gay.

Then they tell you they’re all for freedom, that’s why they want to tell other people how to live.

Next they’re going to tell us they’re all tough and macho but they can’t defend their homes without a 50cal full auto with a 300 round magazine and a grenade launcher.