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    Oscar Pistorius just shot and killed his girlfriend thinking she might be a burglar.
    Would you still be so pro-gun if it happened to you?

    I thought this was supposed to be a site with funny or interesting pictures, not a soapbox for you to shove your opinions down people’s throats whether they want to hear them or not.


    Oh, you’re offended?

    Not a soapbox, eh? When was the last time you cried foul when it was something political that you agreed with?

    Or how about religion? This site is a trove of images mocking people of faith. Does that bother you? I’m not touching the merits of religiosity, I’m just trying to say don’t be a complete hypocrite about what bothers you.

    I personally don’t feel that any political or religious opinions should be censored on this site. Whether they’re posted should depend on whether the images are interest/funny/worthwhile.


    its the disciplined part thats really lacking


    1000000 X THIS


    Responsible, lawful gun owners are plenty disciplined. Thugs running around urban centers are the ones responsible for most of the violence in this country. We have responsible gun culture which is a threat to no one and we have irresponsible thug culture which is often celebrated in the media and embraced by leftist politicians.


    Of course, there was a time when there were more disciplined gun owners, and the thugs got killed – both by the citizens, and by the State. But we don’t hold criminals accountable anymore….

    Lou. R

    I wish that Nancy Lanza would have been more disciplined and put her firearms in a safe. She was in the process of having her son committed to in-patient psychiatric care. She KNEW there was an issue. Why were the guns able to be taken by Adam Lanza in the first place?


    Of course, slaves are cool and women can’t vote and we’ll just keep things without those internets you kids seem to like so much, mkay?


    You know women could vote in most of the colonies then. As long as they owned property…


    i hate this. statements made hundreds of years ago, about the status of our nation, just can’t be spilled out onto a 2013 table, and excepted as current truth. its ignorant and irresponsible.


    Exactly. Looking to the Founding Fathers for wisdom on current gun issues is like looking to them for wisdom on air traffic control legislation or Internet privacy: it’s pointless.


    Because you are so much more wise than the men who established the oldest existing government in the world.


    I’m wise enough to know “more wise” is incorrect word usage… And it doesn’t take a genius to understand how much the world’s changed. But it only takes one idiot to ignore logic.


    Yes, it’s a tragedy what happened to Oscar’s girl friend but the banning of all guns because of this or another tragedy that has a small chance of happening is not the answer. Oscar made a mistake and it is one he will have to live with for the rest of his life. What about all the lives that guns have saved? Most are not reported in the main media b/c it doesn’t sell papers or get ratings. The public likes to hear about tragedy. And to take guns away completely will not stop murders. I don’t believe it’s a… Read more »


    Problem is, that there’s 25,000 accidental shootings a year.


    There are also 30,000 accidental death by auto collision in US. I don’t see you crying about stopping sales of auto mobile or limited sale of gasoline.


    And why aren’t we? The Dutch complained about auto deaths and all they got was one of the worlds best bike-path systems and a negligible auto death rate.

    I’m not saying that we should ban guns or cars; I’m just saying we shouldn’t stop people from complaining.


    Those deaths do not count because the opinion shapers on the left have not yet deemed privately owned automobiles to be evil.


    I’m not on the left, in fact a die-hard Conservative, but like “austindav” said above… we got rid of our problem with cars. They’re a nuisance, dirty, inefficient and make us slaves to the Arab world… they are evil. I live in Holland, we drive bikes. BTW we also got rid of the guns. I always find it odd that Americans love visiting Holland/Europe… you find it safe, full of legal soft drugs and prostitutes and yet you think nothing about having to leave your guns at home… when’s the last time you heard of an American being shot down… Read more »


    Sorry, but according to the Center for Disease Control WISQARS Reports, there are between 14,000 to 19,000 nonfatal injuries resulting from accidental shootings a year. There will be about 600 Deaths a year. Now some of those “Accidents” are actually Suicide Attempts, but imagine how low we could push that number if something like the derided Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program was allowed to be taught in out Schools…


    Fake quote. Here’s the real one: “A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies.”

    Basically, he was saying the U.S. should have an army capable of putting down gun-toting rednecks in the Whiskey Rebellion

    Luke Magnifico

    George Washington wanted everyone to have guns to fight oppressors like the British. Who do you need to defend yourselves from now? Your own government?

    Because George Washington pretty much invented that.


    You are so right because there are no oppressive governments in the world and there is no possibility that the Federal Government would try to curtail our rights. Except for all the examples over the last 200 plus years.

    Luke Magnifico

    You have the world’s largest defense budget, no one else is going to invade you.

    And my point is that using the words of the man who founded your government and wrote down the words that your government is still run by today to support your stance against that government doesn’t really make a lot of sense.


    Unless you actually read the news in the United States and see where ignorant politicians and self serving progressives and liberals are working ceaselessly to eliminate the rights of the common man. There is actually a Senator who is trying to get photoshopping of images made illegal because someone photoshopped his warty ugly head onto a poor innocent porn star’s body. Think about that. He is stupid enough to try to infringe upon the First Amendment because someone embarrassed him a little. Multiply that times the thousands of stupid self-serving politicians and bureaucrats in the US and you will see… Read more »


    I pooped a little

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