do you understand the higgs boson

do you understand the higgs boson.jpg

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    Isn’t the Higgs Boson another attempt to patch up the clearly incorrect standard model?


    no, it’s an attempt to replace the standard model with something that works better.


    No, its the final piece needed to complete the triforce Standard Model


    i think i applied for a job at Higgs Boson. damn drug test.


    The higs is a flawed attempt to link gravity and mass into the standard model. The problem in physics is that there is not a clear definition of mass (and to a lesser extend the definition of mater is still a bit hazy), and most measurements of mass are really a measurement of forces exerted by matter. Where matter is really little more than a system of space and energy interacting. The issue with the higgs is that it is not a particle that imparts mass, but rather the interaction of energy and space that gives the illusion of mass,… Read more »


    Yep, I still don’t understand it.