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Logic dictates, Captain, that if guns were the only thing keeping criminals from killing everyone and the government from taking over and establishing a dictatorship, there wouldn’t be democratic, lawful, pro-gun control countries left.


No such thing as Democracy son, it’s all a joke…


Logic dictates captain. That if pro gunners were as non violent as anti-gunners. Then they wouldn’t be pro gunners. – same fucking point, still no dilemma.


Anti-gunners are violent. Pro-gunners train to apply violence. There is a difference. Anti-gunners post threats online when someone puts up a joke image of a gun sitting on the ground in front of a door. Anti-gunners think violating the privacy of people with gun permits and compromising the safety of police and security and prison guards to embarrass and harass people who own firearms is perfectly ethical and moral. Anti-gunners think that taking away the rights of other people will somehow make them less afraid themselves. Most pro-gunners are seriously gentle and polite people who just happen to acknowledge that… Read more »


Logic fail, captain.


I’m sorry, we’re going to have to revoke your license to use your shift keys.


Never met anyone who was anti-gun. Met a lot of people who are pro-registration and lawful regulation.

Like it says in the second amendment – “a well regulated militia”


Never? Not even one?

What skary ass place do you live in?

tiki god

you should watch “the daily show” with jon stewart, or Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. both of them are 100% against guns and want to ban them, at least in their past statements.


Logic dictates, Captain, that pro-gunners are wusses with inadequate genitalia, and their fear of losing their guns is a form of Castration Anxiety.


say that to my face faggot boy. there’s not enough stalin for you liberal scum


Seriously? All this genital fixation actually reflects negatively on you, or at least that is what the last psychiatrist I asked said. And why the same argument for absolutely everything you liberals disagree with? He drives a cadillac. obviously a tiny pecker he is compensating for.. He has a Windows PC instead of a MAC…Obviously a tiny penis. He has a big pickup truck. Obviously a tiny penis. He is intelligent and articulate but not gay….obviously a tiny penis. He has a sports car that isn’t on the hipster approval list… obviously a tiny penis. He drinks whiskey instead of… Read more »