Why we need high capacity weapons

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    Random nonsensical fearmongering! Therefore we need MOAR bullets!


    No one should have the means to defend themselves from a heavily armed homicidal maniac. A dead victim is always morally superior to an armed survivor.


    Remember the part where I wrote that nobody should be allowed to own a gun to defend themselves? Neither do I.

    “High capacity magazines”. NOBODY should own a gun without training to handle it properly and use it competently. 1 good shot with a low-caliber bullet will kill or disable even the largest drugged up assailant very quickly, nobody needs high capacity magazines to protect themselves.


    Grenades, we need more grenades….wait they have rocket launchers….we need rocket launchers to protect ourselves from criminals…wait a tic! they have weapons of mass destruction…i need weapons of mass destruction to stop someone from breaking into my house.


    It would be wise to read into the details of this case before casually labelling people.
    So far the LAPD have caused numerous bystander casualties during their manhunt.

    Please find below a link to Christopher J. Dorner’s manifesto.


    To clarify. I do not, in any way condone his actions. And hope he is brought in to face justice before this gets any worse.
    However I believe he will be gunned down by the LAPD before this happens, as indicated by their trigger happy response to civilians driving similar looking cars.

    tiki god

    made it about 2,000 words in, then noticed that I wasn’t even 1/10 of the way through.

    I gave up.


    You just need a lot of shrinks

    Just Me

    L.L. Cool J has gone rogue?
    Oh dear, you’re all fucked!

    just another day for the police
    by that I mean darkies can’t live


    He was just two weeks short of retirement.


    I need a flame thrower. Just in case….


    Dear God, you’re fucking stupid. Go confront him with your high power gun and moral superiority, you’re still dead. Have fun!


    More worried about the cops then this man. He’s killed less Innocent.


    If trained professionals are causing accidental casualties, how much worse would it be if all the average citizens were also heavily armed?

    “That black guy looks kinda familiar, and it’s making me nervous.”

    “Gun him down!!!!”

    fracked again

    Sounds like Florida.


    I love the arrogance in assuming that the highly trained ex-serviceman will meet his match from a second-amendment-loving citizen off the street.

    I’m not for getting rid of guns, but even if you’re packing high capacity magazines in a tactical assault weapon, at best this guy’s still going to use you as an ammo refill.

    Maybe if you put together one of those well-regulated militias everyone overlooks from that amendment, you’d stand a pretty good chance before you were taken in for vigilantism.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s a lot easier to think “How do I, as an individual, protect myself from the crazy people” than it is to think “How do we, as a society, stop the current situation where crazy people can and will shoot everyone”, but only one of those thought processes will actually lead to some kind of solution.


    How jolly well succinctly put.


    If pro-gun advocates were as crazy as anti-gun advocates make them out to be, there wouldn’t be any kind of gun advocates.


    with a 1-million bounty now on his head, hunting season is officially open!


    If you need more than 8 shots to take down an unarmored target, you suck at guns and shouldn’t be allowed to have them.




    idiot liberals trololololo. fuck you all. when the shit goes down i’ll be laughing at you dumb fucks with my automatic while you beg me to defend you. NOPE! eat my bullets scum!!@!


    Storminator: I need a flame thrower. Just in case…

    Apparently, so did they.