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    I blame hipsters


    Che was an Icon of the Left since (if not before) the 1960’s, LLOONNGG before we had “Hipsters”.


    By “Left,” you apparently mean, “18-year-olds.”


    Hipsters used to be called beatniks.


    Lenin decriminalized homosexuality.Outlawed religious marriage.Stalin criminalized everything.”Che” was just an asshole.Casrto wanted him out of the picture due to his popularity and his politics.That photo on tshirts has been around far to long.He was an asshole.


    If by “hope and freedom” you mean “misguided/misinformed rebellion” then yes.


    That’s what you get when you believe, and don’t think, just consume everything you’re “served”.


    Kill innocent people……YEAH CHE!


    My real problem with that picture is that in every other photo he looks like some gross sweaty fuck.

    I want that deal. I want some really good picture to be taken of me, have an outline traced out, and have that outline be the ultimate symbol of me and everyone just accepts in unquestioningly.

    cap'n spudz

    Che was not just an asshole. He was a serial killer that Castro was able to “aim” in the right direction at least for a time. He was hunted down and killed like the animal he really was. He’s almost universally hated in the Cuban community in the states and abroad.

    Too bad that doesn’t get on many t-shirts.

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