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“bad trips and a chance of chromosome damage…”

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    thats quite a biased comment


    I was thinking of trying LSD inthe near future, any advice?


    If I could give advice to someone, it would be to consider their ability to maintain their composure. The times when you are drunk, high, anxious, angry, or having any other strong experience, are you able to check that experience against a stable sense of your self and your world? Can you say, with some confidence, “I’m just drunk, high, angry right now; and in a few minutes, things will look different?” There are moments while tripping that your perceptions may get tangled, and you will need to be able to say “I’m just high right now.” Also, a safe… Read more »


    Don’t do it at a big party or festival, calm place and good people and then you can indulge in the experience rather than be overwhelmed by it. It helps you focus on small sensations and feelings, not party like a maniac. Doing it at a festival or big party where loads of stuff is going on is not the right environment to try it.


    no. smoke pot.


    Do it! It’s profound, deep and intense. Possibly life changing Positive set & setting are very important for the skilled and even more for the noob… It’s useful to have some grass to smooth the long landing. Don’t be somewhere where you can’t leave at will (class, cinema, long drive by bus, train,…). Generally avoid crowds. Forget about driving, jaywalking and other life threatening activities. Your brain “filters” will fall, so you will be overwhelmed with everything you get from your senses. In this bliss you necessary have to loose some of your selfimportance and with it you also loose… Read more »


    …oh…the memories. i never met a trip i didnt like. advice? when planning a trip, detach yourself from as much prior responsibility as possible. lose your phone. dont have any time restraints or impending appointments. listen to tunes. walk somewhere nice, like a lake. small groups of friends are best.
    ive tripped about 40 times in my 49 years, all within the age of 18 to 28 or so. i have no regrets but now, equipped with 49 years of knowledge, life experience and baggage, i would never do it again. acid is for the young.