Hold ups

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    The N(e)SFW “filter” has seemed to just turn into either: a) safe for work images that are for some reason put behind a filter, or b) legit NSFW images.

    Seriously, can’t we just get rid of this bullshit? Shit is either safe for work or it isn’t. There really isn’t an in-between. This is not safe for work. Not “kind of” safe for work, it’s just plain not safe for work.

    Really? If you fucking stupid enough to be here while you’re at work then your dumb ass deserves to get canned.


    If you’re* Goddammit.


    I swear I said that about a month ago… without the grammar fuck ups. Tiki seems to change shit just so we all know he hasn’t drank himself to death yet. But at least it’s not Casefag BS anymore, or mistagged aircraft.


    That’s.. more of a spelling issue than it is grammar, but okay.


    I thought we here at MCS agreed that spelling was a part of grammar, in that it dealt with the construction of sentences. You see, to me, you didn’t misspell “you,” you picked the wrong word.:D


    agreed N(e)SFW is fucking retarded


    anonymous is angry this fine morning