Ilmavoimat – Training Air Wing flag

739px-Lentosotakoulu.png (69 KB)

In the course of searching for a date for this comment:

good luck

…I stumbled across this stunner.,_Finnish_Air_Force

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    Why should it be a “Stunner”, Swastikas were in use i Finland LONG before Adolf Hitler even born. You will also find the “Hakenkreuz” (German for “Crooked Cross”) in Asiatic, American Indian, African and European Art going back into antiquity. Until the Nazis screwed it up for everybody, it WAS a Good Luck Symbol.

    If you find you’re having a “Knee-Jerk” Reaction, remember, those can best be described by removing “Knee-“.


    bit surprising that they still use it though dontcha think


    Gammadion,what the fuck ever.The Nazi bastards fucked up a perfectly good symbol forever.


    also a decent moustache


    You don’t get to take it back if it continues to piss people off. It just makes you an asshat for pissing people off.

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