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    Always hated the “less viruses!” talking point for Macs. No one viruses a Mac because there’s no prestige in it. A prevalent Windows virus can interrupt businesses and infiltrate governments. What’s lost in a prevalent Mac plague? Images of college parties and half-written coming-of-age novels? OH, NO, AUNTIE JANE CAN’T PLAY HER ANGRY BIRDS. YOU HOOLIGANS.


    See, I always imagined that a successful Mac virus would bring a prestige all its own. No, you’re not going to shut down a power grid or steal CIA dox, but imagine the paroxysm of e-grief inflicted upon millions of Starbucks-dwelling yuppies? The effect on the blogosphere alone would be like that of a brown note at a Depeche Mode reunion concert. Facebook would turn into the Khmer Rouge. It could be glorious.


    but there already was one…Flashback. sure it was a simple backdoor Trojan…but it lead to Apple removing the “we don’t get viruses” from their adverts. Also, regular Windows viruses get on Macs all the time…just they become carriers instead of infected. Like the old VD adverts say; just because she’s pretty, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something that’ll make your junk rot off. (ok, I’m paraphrasing a bit)


    It will all be about the Steam box soon anyhow!


    The Piston (Valve’s Steam console) will be Linux-based…Gabe said though that “You can install windows if you want…” with a very heavy “but why?” implied at the end.


    AV programs had their place 10 years ago, but these days they’re basically a scam. There are no viruses to stop if you’re running properly updated Windows and you don’t turn off the firewall. The AV programs just use up system resources and annoy users with pop-up messages… and what’s worse is that it’s not uncommon for them to screw up Windows security updates.