Carville on republicans

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    Makes no sense.


    If those are serious requests for clarification?

    Smaller government means less oversight and regulation, less oversight and regulation means that it’s easier to embezzle, skim, and otherwise steal millions of dollars from what should be tax contributions, from your own employees, from benefits and breaks…

    Where the hell do you think most of the liquid capital goes? Look at the round of bail-outs that happened early in Obama’s presidency; follow the money. I’m flabbergasted that there was such little oversight of it – man had too much faith in his own people. Can see it fading every time he has to make one of them post-tragedy speeches.

    You have any idea how much money we could be saving even now if we just checked in every now and again on where the hell it was going – especially with shit like health/medicare/insurance?


    Or, perhaps, we could just stop giving so much money to idiots who don’t know what they do with it.

    The larger a bureaucracy is, the harder it is to check on how much money it is wasting.


    I concur.


    Ah Moose?

    All that Skimming, Embezzling and Stealing? Yeah, it all happened WITH the Layers upon Layers of Regulation…

    That it all happened with Democrats in charge (and receiving HUGE Payoffs) is surely coincidental…


    Wildman, they started in the G. W. Bush presidency. They continued in the Obama presidency. We had split control of congress in both cases. Both parties are to blame. Your logic fails.

    Either way, Carville has never been anything but an extreme partisan. His statements are arguable, but internally consistent. Regulation has the capacity to be an unnecessary hindrance towards getting things done, or a devoted watchdog keeping people from abusing the system. How much is the right amount is a reasonable thing to debate, because whatever level we choose, there are going to be examples of ways in which it does not hold up in both directions.


    Oh they started WWAAYY before George W Bush, Try Jimmy Carter and the Democrat House and Senate that passed the “Community Reinvestment Act” (giving loans to people who can’t afford them) and the “Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act” (allowing Banks to merge forming “Super Banks”, also know as “Banks too big to Fail). Then you had Representative Barney Frank (D Mass) and President Clinton pressuring Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to make “Loans even MORE Affordable”… This Crash was a LLOONNGG time coming and there were any number of people screaming it WAS going to Crash and nearly as many Assuring us that “Nothing is Wrong, it’s all Good” while lining their own Pockets, like for example Carville’s Olde Boss, “BJ” Clinton.


    Either that or NATIONAL DEBT!


    Silly post. Everyone knows Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines commit murders, not Crooks.



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