good luck

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    The meaning of a symbol can change, especially when it’s associated with one of the most well-known genocides of all time


    Wear it proudly and see how much luck it brings you.

    And inb4 “it’s ancient / many cultures / many meanings” apologists: by all means, invent a time machine and zap yourselves back to pre-1920 anywhere, when that observation would have been unnecessary –or to 50+ years from now, when people might actually stop giving a shit.

    In the meantime, follow the bouncing ball:
    -it has been poisoned for generations.
    -thank the Nazis.
    -successful troll is successful.
    -get the fuck over it.


    You can’t take the meaning of the swastika back. What is important is what people think – not the original meaning.

    It’s not difficult to understand why people find it offensive, even if the original meaning is highly distorted. It’s kind of like using the word niggardly – it has absolutely nothing to do with the n-bomb, but as a courtesy to people to people who take it the wrong way, most of us don’t use it.

    But go ahead and keep posting swastikas here…it just makes you an insensitive asshole who thinks that you’re smarter than everyone else.


    As a society we should not be pandering to the lowest denominator. If a word or symbol offends you, you need to look at yourself and why you let something offend you.

    If someone calls me a nigger I don’t get offended, I just think of how ignorant or hateful they are and I feel sorry for them. I don’t get offended.


    To be honest, I’m a lot more pissed off about Hitler ruining that mustache for everyone.

    That is an awesome fucking moustache. Fuckin Hilter.