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    This isn’t funny. Fuck off.


    No,not even close.


    this is not funny. the swastika has been a symbol of love, prosperity and auspiciousness for 10,000 years. it does NOT mean what you want it to mean here, and it never will.


    I’m sorry, but that time has passed.


    no, it hasn’t. 10,000 years is a lot longer than you think.


    Hah, what a stupid comment. Just because something has endured a long time doesn’t mean it can’t cease in the blink of an eye, or the span of a war.

    Your new age religious conviction might make you want to cling to some ancient understanding of the world, but after a point it will just look pathetic.


    i find it interesting that you are so obsessed with the swastika meaning what you want it to mean, and not what it really means, when the cross of christianity, also a symbol of torture, has lasted for quite a bit less time, and means exactly the same thing. nobody seems to care about that…


    I’m not sure if you understand what “obsession” means. I guess you could compare the torture instrument to the symbol of the cross, but that would only illustrate my point that new meanings take over the old ones. Once again you seem bent on making the argument that the duration of a certain belief has any bearing here, but it really doesn’t. Stop with the wishful thinking and instead go out among people and ask them what they think the swastika symbolizes. I’m sure that if you do that in India or somewhere not in the west the answers you’d… Read more »


    {yoda}Feed the troll do not.{/yoda}


    Lets see
    Restriction of freedoms? Check!
    Preaches conformity? Check!
    Teaching the superiority of one homogenous group over others? Check!
    Indoctrination of the young? Check!
    Both organizations run by charismatic vegetarians? CHECK!

    Seems legit…