Obama gets what he deserves

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    is this Boondocks? I love that show.


    nice. that looks like the kinda things that wins you a visit from the secret service


    Oh come on, Obama isn’t that bad. Sure, his economic policies are shithouse, but very few people actually seem to understand why they’re shithouse.
    People seem to be grasping for any reason they can find for bad-mouthing Obama (like calling him a facist-muslim-socialist-socialist from Kenya), it’s gotten fucking ridiculous.

    What I’m saying is that there are reasons to hate Obama (broken election promises, etc.), actual reasons; not the piss-poor excuses the GOP have come up with.


    And yes I know that my comment doesn’t completely match with the image, but fuck you; it was political so I went with it.


    Enjoy your free vacation to sunny Gitmo!

    Obama ain’t my favoritest person either, but you do not post sh!t like this about the President of the United States.