I know how this goes.

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Dad died of cancer almost 2 years ago….Make sure to call and talk with your parents as much as possible because you never know how long they will be around

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    God damn it.

    I’m balling over here. My dad got a heart pump last year. I’m still fucking terrified that something will happen, he’ll forget his batteries or it will just stop working for no reason. It’s hard realizing how close he was to being gone.


    miss you dad so much
    damn it


    I cannot wait for the day that I never have to talk to that fucking asshole ever again. C’mon phone… RING!!


    There are those of us who will be free. Hang in there.


    Lost mine suddenly when I was 14, so my experience goes up through panel 5 (my older brother, panel 6.)

    Feels…I have them.


    I haven’t commented here in a long time but dammit, Tiki. You got me with this one. I know that feel. Dad died suddenly this NYE. What I wouldn’t give to speak to him one more time.


    One more thing. If you still can, go and call your parents. Now.


    ^ This. My dad went three years ago now… still hurts.


    Glad to know your Dad got to meet his grandkids. Mine got to meet two of his. Shame he won’t meet the whole brood but I know he was proud of ’em.