A film by Curtis Bowers

Grinding-Down-America.jpg (67 KB)

Watch it and wonder…

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    *country (strangely they got it right once in the same sentence)

    Stupid film premise is stupid.


    Hahahahahahaha this will be priceless


    Let me guess, paid for by Fox News Corp and The RNC?


    thanks for posting this – so entertaining.

    by the way one of the women speaking in the video had a CWA logo behind here. Concerned Women for America. Anti-Gay, Pro-Life, Abstinence Only Education, Creationism and School Prayer. Talk about an Agenda…



    ‘san antonio independent christian film festival’



    Sweet holy shit, this is fucking GOLD: …We live on the threshold of a revolution in independent Christian filmmaking. …Like David’s sling before Goliath’s enormous sword, the weapons of this warfare are unconventional by industry standards, but when wielded with accuracy and faith, they can strike a devastating blow to the modern pagan elites who seek to crush the very witness of God in this nation. …The domination of the film industry by Christ-hating, family-denigrating elites, and the general absence of family-affirming, spiritually truthful media — at a time when the family is being redefined out of existence — has… Read more »


    Inspired by Hitler’s anti-communist rants of the 30’s perhaps?

    You must let us seize control of the country to prevent THEM from seizing control of the country –

    Read history or condem yourself to make the same mistakes.


    Then again, the History book our great grand children will be reading may surprise you…It’s all lies tied by a little truth.


    Wow. I thought McCarthy got rid of all your communists? Or was it that it turned out that his warnings about communism turned out to be utter bullshit designed to line his pockets? It was one or the other.

    Bob Smith

    I watched the movie and it was very good at explaining our country’s present situation. I had always wondered how all the various aspects of the 60’s radical movement, anti-God movement, etc., came from, and this film sums it up very well. As the film explains, you can be a useful idiot for those striving to overthrow this country, or you can wake up and see how you have been duped.


    Or, “Bob Smith”, you can think for yourself, without needing religious groupthink to do the heavy mental lifting for you.


    There’s no way these young pups could make an anti-communist film as powerful as this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0j3TxZdv28